Hi, I'm Harvey the Co-founder of 'teaminsane' along with my sister Priya. Well, our journey began a while back in 2017 February where we started making youtube videos and gameplay for fun and started our own channel. Although I and my sister enjoyed making these videos, we both decided we wanted to have our own clothing line. But not just any clothing line we want to become a designer brand and high-quality clothing line, branded tops. We also trademarked the brand and made a twitter account just so we could post our regular updates and keep you guys up to date as well. Our first online shop!

Hi, I'm Priya, Co-founder of 'teaminsane' along with my brother Harvey. Our goal is to be successful on youtube and on our clothing line. So we decided to make a change in order to help us not copy other people, instead to create our own ideas. The reason we started doing clothing has been mine and Harvey's passion since we first started youtube, now it's finally coming true. We're taking a new direction, although we still have our channel on youtube, we're designing clothing, kids clothessweatshirts for men / unisexhats and much more. We have our own company and our own branded tops.





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